Pakistani Video Gamer Beats World Champion Of The Game Tekken 7 in Dubai And The World Is Shocked

Proud Moment for Pakistan in the field of E Gaming as this Pakistani Young Lad Arslan Ash beats the Globally Hailed Korean World Champion of the game Tekken 7 #Knee, in a tournament held at Dubai. Global observers of the game and the tournament were left in awe and shock that how come a Pakistani Young lad beat a globally acclaimed world champion that too in a straight 6-0 flawless victory.

And mind you that is just some raw talent in the corner of a Lahore's gaming center Maniax Gaming Hub. Imagine what Pakistan might do to the world if such talent is provided with proper resource and support. The amount of talent in our country is too Damn High. Hats of to this guy and I wish to see him play the #Evo World Championship of the game #TEKKEN with all the other global heavyweights. Way to go man.