Imran Khan Set To Initiate ’10 Billion Tree Tsunami’ Nationwide

Pakistan has seen a sudden shift in climatic patterns recently. Varying on quite vile and vigorously fluctuating parameters, the country has seen a lot recent times.

With one of the highest deforestation rates in Asia, Pakistan is the seventh country most likely to bear the brunt of global warming. Ages of chopping them off and timber mafia operating without any inconvenience, the country’s forests have decreased to 3 per cent of the total land, while 40% of them are in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Imran Khan showed a strong commitment towards curbing the environmental issue and extending his exemplary billion-tree movement in KPK, he will be planting 10 billion trees in Pakistan in the course of next 5 years. He plans to initiate the project within first 100 days of forming government. With this massive plantation drive, Khan said he is aiming at fighting the weather extremities and bring down the damages caused by it. With rising temperatures, rising droughts, unpredictable rainfall and flooding, Pakistan faces a loss worth $14 billion annually. Air, water pollution and affiliated problems cost Pakistan an additional $3 billion per year.