‘My Name Is Khan And I Am Not A Terrorist’ – People Respond Overwhelmingly To Imran Khan’s Tweet

Imran Khan’s opinions, his choice of words and the way he chooses to express his stance on social media and in front of the media is wildly appreciated by people. Whether supporting him or not, he has a massive social media following and people always have a close eye at his activity.It is precisely why his this particular tweet got an immense response in a matter of minutes. Seeing Khan cracking jokes is rare, but whenever he chooses to do that, people really enjoy it and appreciate his sense of humor.
People didn’t spare this chance as well. Khan tweeted quoting the famous movie line ‘My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist’. But what made it even more relevant and hilarious was when he made the ‘Sadiq and Ameen’ reference in the end. His tweet has already been declared the best tweet of 2018.