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  1. Poll on candidates’ popularity among the youth of Pakistan
  2. Voting Top Election Issue - 2nd May 2013 - Geo News
  3. "It was goaltending.
  4. Geo news poll on terrorism in Pakistan
  5. What do you think, Is India Secular country which Gandhi wanted or is it a Extremist
  6. After confirming the within credulous reach of additional parking and stay limits
  7. After confirming the suitable of additional parking and rooms blank
  8. Do you think PTI of Imran Khan should join hands with PAT of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri?
  9. Poll: Do You Think Imran Khan And Tahir Ul Qadri Will Join Hands Against Government T
  10. Poll: Do You Think Imran Khan & Tahir Ul Qadri's Marches Will Manage To Collapse The
  11. Pti sargodha crowd spirit v/s ppp karachi crowd spirit watch & decide
  12. Do you think PTI should once again give call for Sit in If Judicial Commission not fo
  13. Should Fawad Alam be in the Pakistan Team?
  14. Poll : Are You Hopeful For Pakistan In World Cup 2015 Despite Of All Injuries and Bow
  15. Poll | Whom Do You Hold Ultimate Responsible For Shameful Performance Of Pakistan Cri
  16. What do you think, Nabeel Gabol should be welcomed in PTI
  17. Poll: Will Pakistan qualify for quarter final of WC 2015 ?
  18. Question Poll: Is MQM The Only Reason Of Disturbance Of Karachi's Peace?
  19. Poll | Would Pakistan Be Able To Defeat Australia In The Quarter Final?
  20. Poll | Who Should Be The Next Captain Of Pakistan Cricket Team?
  21. Which Government Is Destroying Our Culture Through Education PTI Or PMLN???
  22. Poll | Who Will Win NA 246 By-Election?
  23. Since Pakistan Came Into Being, What Has Hurt Pakistan The Most?
  24. Poll | Do You Think Judicial Commission's Verdict Is Right?
  25. Poll: Will you vote for PTI if Reham Khan awarded PTI ticket?
  26. Do you agree with the SC decision of upholding Mumtaz Qadri's death penalty or not?
  27. Exclusive Poll- Pakistani Qoum Ki Tawaquat Kin Ke Sath Hai Gen Raheel Sharif VS Nawaz
  28. جنرل راحیل شریف کو ایکسٹنشن لینی چاہیے ؟
  29. After Panama Paper Leaks Issue, Is Mian Nawaz Sharif Eligible To Hold His Seat As PM?
  30. Do you think Iqrar Ul Hassan's act is within the limits of Journalistic rules
  31. Poll: Do you support the decision of #PTI to lockdown Islamabad on #PanamaLeaks issu
  32. ان میں سے کونسا سیاستدان پاکستان کے لیے بہ
  33. PSL Final in Lahore - Yes or No? Shahryar Khan Makes it Clear - Dunya News
  34. اپنی رائے کا اظہار کمنٹ میں کیجیے
  35. عمران خان کی تیسری شادی سے متعلق آپ کیا کہ
  36. Lanatain Bhejnay Par Kon Gira Awaam Ki Nazroon Main ? Ab Kiya Krain Gay Imran Khan
  37. Do you support #NawazShareef ??
  38. PTI can win 62% seats in Punjab surveys told Pml-n
  39. Election 2018 - Who will win ?
  40. معاشی بحران پچاس دن بمقابلہ پانچ سال
  41. What's The Correct Answer? #BigChallange
  42. Asif Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain mein se sab se Zeda Khubsurat/Beautiful kn?
  43. Who Will Win the PSL Trophy ?